2024.06.01 (Sat)

Tatopani at Morgan Salon

アンディ・ベヴァン / Andy Bevan (saxes, flute, didgeridoo)
ロバート・ベオグラード / Robert Belgrade (clarinet, sax, tabla)
クリストファー・ハーディ / Christopher Hardy (percussion)
伊藤ハルトシ / Harutoshi Ito (cello, guitar)
フレドリック・ヴィエノ / Frederic Viennot (piano, keyboard)


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Beautiful Dreamer released in 360 Reality Audio

Foster’s masterpiece “Beautiful Dreamer” revived as a modern pop song.
Composed by Stephen Foster
Arranged by Hiroshi Tokieda
Rhythm Arrangement by Christopher Hardy

tea – Vocals
Christopher Hardy – Percussion
Hiroshi Tokieda – Bass, Synthesizer
Koichi Sato – Piano

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Darbukka Workshop ダラブッカ教室

ダラブッカ教室のご案内 最近では、ベリーダンスの伴奏楽器としても認知度の高いダラブッカ。
Darbukka Workshop for drummers, dancers and performers of all levels.
Learn to play The Essential Rhythms of the Middle East. Beginners welcome!!

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